My Current Stable of Running Shoes

RunningWarehouse had a sale recently and I took advantage of it to pick up some new shoes at a good price.

Two are options I am considering for American Zofingen: Mizuno Wave Kizuna Spikes, and New Balance MT00 Minimus Trail shoes. The Mizuno cross spikes aren’t seriously under consideration unless it rains like it did in 2011. I definitely could have used spikes on that day. But I’ll have to make sure they are comfortable for 15 miles.

The New Balance MT00s are the more likely option. I’ve run in New Balance MT101s or their predecessor in all previous races and they have worked well. The MT00s are a bit lighter than the 101s, so maybe I use the MT00s on the first lap and save the 101s for the last three.

So here is the current stable.


From top left:
New Balance MT101 (18 oz)
INOV8 Road-X Lite 155 (12 oz)
Mizuno Wave Kizuna Spikes (15.8 oz, without spikes)
New Balance MT00 (9.8 oz)
Asics Piranha 4 (9.8 oz)
Mizuno Wave Universe 4 (9.2 oz)
New Balance Minimus MR00 (13.6 oz)
Brooks T7 Chrissie Wellington Edition (13.7 oz)

I’ve written about most of these in the past, but the short story is that the Piranhas are my favorite shoe ever; they are light, very responsive, and quick. They aren’t great tri shoes because the tongue is too flimsy and scrunches down – you need to take care putting them on, something that takes time in T2.

The Wave Universe shoes are a close second, but. To quite as lively as the Piranhas. The New Balance MR00s have a Vibram sole and I find them a bit dead, but they are fine for smooth trails and dirt roads. Prior versions of the Brooks T7 have been my favorite in the past, and these are just as good, no better, but haven’t really changed in years and have been surpassed. They are a bit over cushioned, which is fine on easy training days, but no longer used for racing.

The New Balance MT101 are great trail shoes. The protection is pretty good for a shoe this light, but if you step on a sharp rock, you are going to feel it.

The other three are new and I haven’t yet run in them.

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Another Fall Climb Up App Gap

Somehow my prior post with this image disappeared into my Blackberry, so I’m writing and posting this again. Of course this post won’t be as brilliant as my earlier post.

Below is a shot from the top of App Gap. This is my third clImb up App Gap this Fall and that is three more than last year, since I didn’t ride my bike at all last Fall. As you can see most of the leaves and tourists are gone.

I picked up a couple of Craft base layers and rode with a short sleeve version today. I got drenched with sweat on the way up (should have taken off my shell) but by the time I got back down the Craft was mostly dry but my Jersey was still soaked. I guess the Craft base layer did its job, but I’m also still partial to my old DeFeet base layer.

Looks like another good week for riding next week, so hopefully a can put off getting on the trainer for another week.

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Another Cracked Shimano Chain

This is the second Shimano Ultegra chain in a row that I have had to replace prematurely due to cracks. I like the Shimano chains because the are smooth and shift well, but I think it is time to try something else.

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Injured, No Running but Riding is OK.

I’ve been recovering from what feels like ITB tendinitis: my left medial thigh is sore, both while running and to the touch. I made the mistake of thinking I could run through it, but finally wised up and took a week off from running.

Yesterday, I went for a test run and got through 1.5 miles thinking everything was OK. Then my left wide tightened up and I was forced into a walk. The pain isn’t down towards the knee where one might experience ITBS, but along the outer quads. I think it is back to massage and gentle stretching for another week.

The good news is that I can bike without problems. In addition to a couple commutes this week, I got out for a 52 mile ride, down to Bristol, up over Baby Gap, and then back.

Great ride. September in Vermont is a great time and place to ride.

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Focusing on American Zofingen

I never got around to writing up a race report for this year’s American Zofingen and probably won’t. I’ll just say that it wasn’t pretty. That was probably due to a number of things, including not getting on the bike trainer all winter, being hap-hazzard about run training, being 15-20 lbs over weight, not being acclimated to the heat, and some tactical mistakes on the course. Most of those tactical mistakes were minor: jamming a chain, stopping to check tape on disc cover (it was fine), and stopping it pee when I really didn’t need to. All those things probably added up to five minutes.

The big mistake was not paying attention to nutrition towards the end of the bike and during the run. I usually leave a bottle of Infinit at special needs for use during the third lap on the bike. Instead I relied on the Heed served on course, which I like but it doesn’t have the punch the Infinit or Perpeteum has. I should have supplemented the Heed with some gels, but didn’t. A serving of caffinated Hammer gel went unused in my pocket. Needless to say, I crashed big time on the last run lap, after an uninspired bike leg and two mediocre run laps. A bunch of us also got off course on the first run lap, but I think most everybody running LC did that since a critical sign had been removed.

My goal is to win back that AG Long Course big honkin stein. I figure that will take a 8:20 to do, which is certainly within my reach. But at 54 I am going to be at the upper end of my AG.

The first step is to drop some pounds. At 169, I think I already weigh less that I weighed on race day last year. My goal is to get down below 155 by race day, which is probably where I was in 2008 when I went 8:11.

I also need to keep up the bike base. Not riding for about 5 months didn’t help, so I’m going to ride till the light doesn’t allow it and then get the bike on the trainer.

If the weather keeps up like this, getting in the miles should be easy. It averaged 60 F and I went for a beautiful 50 miles.

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New Balance Minimus MR00SB and Asics Piranha 4


Got some new shoes for a change. I’ll try these tomorrow. They aren’t the lightest shoes I have, by a long shot, but still qualify as a light weight flat at 13.3 ounces for my size 11. As a comparison, my Asics piranha 4s weigh just 9.7 ounces for the same size 11.


Other comparisons:

  • Asics Piranha 3: 10.3 oz.
  • Mizuno Wave Universe: 9.0 oz.
  • Brooks T7: 13.9 oz.

Both these new shoes felt good around the house and don’t seem to have any pressure points. I’ll know more after a few weeks.

Here is a photo comparing the Piranha 3 (with almost 400 miles on them) with the Piranha 4.



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Not sure what this means

Not sure what this means?20120501-084550.jpg

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Mileage is up there, but so is the weight.

My work load has been heavy, so my posts here have been light. I have gotten some good training, thanks to an incredibly long stretch of great weather. I’ve managed about 8 hours of bike riding, including a 3 hour trip up too App Gap and through the first set of switchbacks. I also got in my first real long run yesterday, with a 18 mile run to work.
Nothing has been particularly fas, but I am starting to build a base. This weekend, I’m going to take a shot at App Gap to see how the legs are doing.

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A Slight Step Back

I was feeling tired last week, so I took it easy.  Overall I managed 35 miles of running vs 40 last week and all of that at a slower pace.  The good news is that I stretched my long run to 15 miles.  I should be in decent shape to put in my first mid-week long run this week, probably on Friday, and then get in a good bike ride on Saturday.

My right knee is feeling a little banged up, but I think that is more due to skiing all day on Friday and not to the long run.

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A decent Week

Last week I got in 32 miles of running, and only running. This week I managed 40, with 12 today. On top of that I even got in one oustide ride, as part of Monday’s brick.

The 12 today was run at an 8:20 pace: not great, but not bad either given that I’ve only beeb running for 2 1/2 weeks this year. I also negative split the run, which is saying something because the run is mostly downhill on the way out.

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