First ride in many months


I’ve exceeded 190 lbs in weight after working a few months of 70-80 weeks, with a few exceeding 90 hours. Those projects being completed, I think it is time to get back in the saddle, literally. Especially since my previous max is 185 lbs. I’ll have a hard time with even the CWD at that weight.

With the choices being going to the gym, riding on my trainer, going for a run on ice and snow, or hitting the VAST trails on my bike, I chose the latter.

I mounted my studded tires on my mountain bike and headed out, since I can connect to the trail network pretty easily. Riding on icy, crusty hardpack is usually pretty nice.

And it was nice, as long as I was in the woods. The inch of new snow made the surface smooth and the crust underneath gave enough to provide traction. As long as i stayed out of the ruts, I was fine.

But once in crossed Spear St and headed out into the open fields I was done. The ice under the snow was glare ice and the snow was deep enough to prevent my studs from gripping. I went down three times before deciding to turn around. I went down another two or three times on the way back, once going right over the handlebars when my front wheel broke through the ice.

The picture above was taken just before I left the woods.

Still, managed to not hurt myself and it was beautiful out.

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