My Current Stable of Running Shoes

RunningWarehouse had a sale recently and I took advantage of it to pick up some new shoes at a good price.

Two are options I am considering for American Zofingen: Mizuno Wave Kizuna Spikes, and New Balance MT00 Minimus Trail shoes. The Mizuno cross spikes aren’t seriously under consideration unless it rains like it did in 2011. I definitely could have used spikes on that day. But I’ll have to make sure they are comfortable for 15 miles.

The New Balance MT00s are the more likely option. I’ve run in New Balance MT101s or their predecessor in all previous races and they have worked well. The MT00s are a bit lighter than the 101s, so maybe I use the MT00s on the first lap and save the 101s for the last three.

So here is the current stable.


From top left:
New Balance MT101 (18 oz)
INOV8 Road-X Lite 155 (12 oz)
Mizuno Wave Kizuna Spikes (15.8 oz, without spikes)
New Balance MT00 (9.8 oz)
Asics Piranha 4 (9.8 oz)
Mizuno Wave Universe 4 (9.2 oz)
New Balance Minimus MR00 (13.6 oz)
Brooks T7 Chrissie Wellington Edition (13.7 oz)

I’ve written about most of these in the past, but the short story is that the Piranhas are my favorite shoe ever; they are light, very responsive, and quick. They aren’t great tri shoes because the tongue is too flimsy and scrunches down – you need to take care putting them on, something that takes time in T2.

The Wave Universe shoes are a close second, but. To quite as lively as the Piranhas. The New Balance MR00s have a Vibram sole and I find them a bit dead, but they are fine for smooth trails and dirt roads. Prior versions of the Brooks T7 have been my favorite in the past, and these are just as good, no better, but haven’t really changed in years and have been surpassed. They are a bit over cushioned, which is fine on easy training days, but no longer used for racing.

The New Balance MT101 are great trail shoes. The protection is pretty good for a shoe this light, but if you step on a sharp rock, you are going to feel it.

The other three are new and I haven’t yet run in them.

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