Injured, No Running but Riding is OK.

I’ve been recovering from what feels like ITB tendinitis: my left medial thigh is sore, both while running and to the touch. I made the mistake of thinking I could run through it, but finally wised up and took a week off from running.

Yesterday, I went for a test run and got through 1.5 miles thinking everything was OK. Then my left wide tightened up and I was forced into a walk. The pain isn’t down towards the knee where one might experience ITBS, but along the outer quads. I think it is back to massage and gentle stretching for another week.

The good news is that I can bike without problems. In addition to a couple commutes this week, I got out for a 52 mile ride, down to Bristol, up over Baby Gap, and then back.

Great ride. September in Vermont is a great time and place to ride.

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