Focusing on American Zofingen

I never got around to writing up a race report for this year’s American Zofingen and probably won’t. I’ll just say that it wasn’t pretty. That was probably due to a number of things, including not getting on the bike trainer all winter, being hap-hazzard about run training, being 15-20 lbs over weight, not being acclimated to the heat, and some tactical mistakes on the course. Most of those tactical mistakes were minor: jamming a chain, stopping to check tape on disc cover (it was fine), and stopping it pee when I really didn’t need to. All those things probably added up to five minutes.

The big mistake was not paying attention to nutrition towards the end of the bike and during the run. I usually leave a bottle of Infinit at special needs for use during the third lap on the bike. Instead I relied on the Heed served on course, which I like but it doesn’t have the punch the Infinit or Perpeteum has. I should have supplemented the Heed with some gels, but didn’t. A serving of caffinated Hammer gel went unused in my pocket. Needless to say, I crashed big time on the last run lap, after an uninspired bike leg and two mediocre run laps. A bunch of us also got off course on the first run lap, but I think most everybody running LC did that since a critical sign had been removed.

My goal is to win back that AG Long Course big honkin stein. I figure that will take a 8:20 to do, which is certainly within my reach. But at 54 I am going to be at the upper end of my AG.

The first step is to drop some pounds. At 169, I think I already weigh less that I weighed on race day last year. My goal is to get down below 155 by race day, which is probably where I was in 2008 when I went 8:11.

I also need to keep up the bike base. Not riding for about 5 months didn’t help, so I’m going to ride till the light doesn’t allow it and then get the bike on the trainer.

If the weather keeps up like this, getting in the miles should be easy. It averaged 60 F and I went for a beautiful 50 miles.

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