New Balance Minimus MR00SB and Asics Piranha 4


Got some new shoes for a change. I’ll try these tomorrow. They aren’t the lightest shoes I have, by a long shot, but still qualify as a light weight flat at 13.3 ounces for my size 11. As a comparison, my Asics piranha 4s weigh just 9.7 ounces for the same size 11.


Other comparisons:

  • Asics Piranha 3: 10.3 oz.
  • Mizuno Wave Universe: 9.0 oz.
  • Brooks T7: 13.9 oz.

Both these new shoes felt good around the house and don’t seem to have any pressure points. I’ll know more after a few weeks.

Here is a photo comparing the Piranha 3 (with almost 400 miles on them) with the Piranha 4.



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