A Brick!

Today I managed a brick. Not only was this my first brick of the year, but the first time I have been on a bike since USAT Nationals in August! The run was an easy 5.5 mile jog followed by a 17 mile ride. I’m not going to say how slow I went.

I did test out my new winter gloves from Planet Bike. I picked up a pair of their Borealis gloves and am quite happy. The temperature was at 25F and a bit windy, but my fingers stayed toasty warm. Do make sure you pick up the current version, with the unattached insert as it is easier to use. With the old version, if a finger of the liner comes out of the shell, it can be difficult to get back in. I ordered an extra large, the the expectation that theyWould be roomy enough for a thin liner, but these run a bit small. I don’t have particularly large fingers, but XL fits me with little room to spair.

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