My Garmin 305 is Back

I mentioned some time back that my Garmin Forerunner 305 had died after many years of faithful service. The 305 is a great tool with an intuitive interface and all the functions a runner or triathlete could want.

The fact that it had died did not reflect poorly upon Garmin or on the Forerunner line. My 305 outlived a Polar HRM and two Timex Ironman watches. If I had to throw it in the trash, I would have been OK with that.

But what is amazing about Garmin is that they allow all 305 owners to trade in their dead and out-of-warranty GPS for a refurbished unit for only $79. That is a great deal and reflects Garmin’s great customer service.

Thank you, Garmin!

My only complaint is that it arrived today and I have a rest day scheduled for tomorrow. I may have to find an excuse to go for a run tomorrow. Right now, it is sitting in its cradle charging.

As for my training, I ran 10 miles this AM at a <7:30 pace. I included 8 very hard hill intervals and 3 miles at race pace.

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  1. BJ says:

    I agree that the Garmin 305 is a great tool. And the ability to download stats from your watch to your computer is a great feature.

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