Lake Dunmore Triathlon: USAT AG Nationals Special Qualifier

I raced the Lake Dunmore Triathlon in preparation for nationals, which are only now two weeks away.  Just a brief race report since it is getting late.

I started the swim at the front and at first thought the pace was rather under control.  After we took the turn at the first buoy, however, the pace became much more difficult, and I lost the feet of the two or three guys at the front.  I again found myself with no feet to follow and could feel somebody on mine.  I settled the pace down a bit to encourage him to pass me, which he did.  I was then able to slide behind him and follow him all the way into T1.

I had a quick transition, but didn’t seem to have any energy on the bike for hills through mile 3+.  A group of guys went by me in those initial miles.  After the turn, I still had them in sight and was feeling my energy come back, so I was able to keep them in sight and pick a few of them off over the next lap and a half.  I did succeed in dropping my chain twice, but was able to get it back without stopping.  I’ll need to adjust that inner limit.

T2 went pretty well, except I lost a few seconds putting my race belt on while standing there.  I knew it was wrong, but did it anyway and then put on my shoes.

Running out of T2, I felt pretty good.  I kept my turnover quick and easy up the initial hills, maintaining pace with the pack of runners that went past me early on the run.  That pack started to break up on the hills and I was able to pick most of them off.  After the turnaround, I passed a guy I had left T2 with and then there were few around.

Overall, I ended up 13th and 1st in my AG, with a time that was 2:38 better than last year.  The bike leg and transition were where I made the greatest improvement.  I was a little slower on the run.

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