Thanks for supporting our AHA Double Century Fundraiser

On Saturday, 6/25, Mark Ray, Steve Gronlund, Tim Pudvar, Pepsi McCormick and I completed the Jim Ray Memorial Double Century, assisted and protected by Todd Pudvar, who drove our support vehicle.

We started at the Canadian border in Rouses Point, NY at 5:00 AM and finished at about 8:30 PM in Williamston, MA.  We averaged 16.1 mph, which is pretty good given that we had a good head wind the whole way, lots of hills, and some significant stretches with some very significant rain.

The more important news is that we are very close to our goal of raising $10,000 for the American Heart Association.  As of today, we’ve raised $9,877.  If you’ve already contributed, thanks!  If you haven’t yet contributed, it isn’t too late.  Here’s the link:

Here are a few photos of the ride, taken by Mark:

Jim Ray Memorial: Start

Fueling up at the start, near the Canadian border and under the watchful eye of the border police.

Jim Ray Memorial: Lunch

Lunch in Middlebury

Jim Ray Memorial: Manchester

In Manchester, with John Macy, who rode with us from Shelburne to Manchester

Jim Ray Memorial: Thunder & Lightening

"What are you guys doing in there anyway?" We sit out a thunderstorm, with 25 miles to go.

Jim Ray Memorial: Williamstown

A much deserved beer, or five.

Jim Ray Memorial: Deer Camp

Proof that none of your contributions went to fund overhead: our accommodations at the Pudvar deer camp.

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4 Responses to Thanks for supporting our AHA Double Century Fundraiser

  1. Mark Ray says:

    Nice job, Victor! We were all right behind you.

  2. James Moody says:

    Great Job Steve! And great cause! We were all out west on vacation otherwise we would have been road-side cheering you all on! Jim

  3. Christopher Johnson says:

    Extremely well done! I’m sore just thinking about 200 miles.

  4. Glen Shirley Gronlund says:

    Very well done guys!!! We are proud of you.

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