A Double Century for the American Heart Association

Every year for the past decade, two friends of  mine, Steve and Mark, have pedaled 100 miles on their bikes to raise money for the American Heart Association. Last year, for the first time, I  joined them.  Over those years, we (well, mostly Steve and Mark) have been able  to raise more than $85,000 to combat the disease that is the leading cause of  death across the country.

This year,  we’re riding a few weeks later in June so that we’re as close as possible to the  summer solstice. Why?

Steve, Mark, Tim, Patrick, and  I will be cycling on June 25 from the Canadian border to the Massachusetts  border — a DOUBLE century, so we need all the daylight we can get to keep  rolling for 200 miles!

Please  join the insanity by sponsoring us with your tax-deductible donation to fight  heart disease and stroke. Since we’ve doubled our mileage this year, we’re  hoping for a similar bump in our donations! We would love to get the total  amount raised over the years up to $100,000.

Donating through the  FirstGiving website we’ve set up is simple, fast and  totally secure. FirstGiving sends all donations directly and securely to the  American Heart Association, which pays a small fee for the service

Please donate here:

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