First review of the DeSoto Forza ITU Trisuit

On Friday I received the DeSoto Forza ITU Trisuit I ordered.  I’ve been a DeSoto fan for quite a few years now and own two T1 First Wave wetsuits and two pair of Forza tri shorts.  The quality of these products is second to none and the customer service at DeSoto should be an example for all companies.

This is my first trisuit, having always raced in shorts and a top, but I was looking for something that would provide me with an aerodynamic benefit and felt that the trisuit would provide that, even if the benefit was small.  I went with the ITU suit because I don’t need all the pockets that come with the regular Forza trisuit and because I liked the idea of the more substantial “float” pad in the ITU suit.

I’m 6’1″ tall and currently weigh 165 lbs.  I expect to drop down to 155 for USAT AG Nationals in August and will probably race American Zofingen in two weeks at 162-163.  I ordered a medium, at DeSoto’s suggestion.  The size was the right call, but it was a challenge getting it on for the first time, even over my skinny legs.  I kept wondering if some seam would bust out around my quads, but none did.  Just so everyone is aware, I don’t have the massive quads of a cyclist, but the stick legs of a runner.  The trick was to put it on just as you would a wet suit, and pull it on gradually and little by little.

Once on, the fit was snug, as I would want it to be: very supportive around the quads, a bit tight in the groin and over the shoulders, but not to the point of being uncomfortable.  There wasn’t a wrinkle or ripple anywhere to disturb the air flow.  I figure this alone will save me a few seconds in an Oly!

Yesterday, I took it out for a significant test ride.  I started with a 3.5 mile run and chased that with a 65 mile ride in the mountains.  During the run, I didn’t notice the pad at all.  It is sized just right and not at all bulky.  During the ride, the suit practically disappears and I found it much more comfortable than my trishorts, which feature the DeSoto Invisipad.  This will save me money on Chamois Butt’r!

My only disappointment is with the upper.  It is a bit thin and see-through for my liking.  I got the black version, but I can still see flesh tones through the upper half.  I guess that is OK since I’ll mostly use this for racing.  This isn’t a problem on the lower half, which is double layered.

As for the ride, I had a great one.  My speed has increased, but I’m still worried about my endurance at American Zofingen in two weeks. The key will be to take it very easy for the first few hours.

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