Racing storms to get in a couple of rides.

The forecast for today was rain, rain, more rain, and an occasional thunderstorm.  My first thought was that I’d just get up real early and spend a few hours on the trainer, but who wants to do that?  So instead I headed out into the rain. Fortunately the rain was light and the thunder held off till late in the day.

At about 4:45 PM, however, I saw a storm approaching on the radar, so I quickly packed up my laptop and hit the road for home in hopes of getting in before the storm struck.  I just barely made it, and thankfully so, because it was a rather violent storm.

At about five minutes from home I saw the Tuesday Night Worlds group heading out and a clueless girl straddling her bike at the top of Irish Hill tuning in her iPod.

Yesterday, in the morning, I got in a good 8 mile run over Lone Tree Hill and back.  In the evening I headed to the gym for some weight training for the first time in a few weeks.

I had some occasional, light twinges in my left ITB that I’ll need to monitor.  It didn’t bother me while riding, so it’s probably OK.

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