Recovery Weeks and Holidays

Perhaps it is a good thing that my recovery week aligned with the holiday week.  My training really fell apart at the end of the week, mostly due to the holiday, but also because lots of driving and an unfamiliar bed made me tired.  Since the week was supposed to be a recovery week, maybe that is OK, even if the rest was a bit more than planned.

The end result is that I did nothing over the weekend.  I had hoped to get in a long ride to either Bolton or App Gap.

This leaves me with three weeks till American Zofingen with my bike training feeling inadequate.  I still have time to get in two more good rides: next weekend I’ll either need to ride over App Gap to Mad River and back or ride to Bolton and do a few laps there.  If I can follow that up with another, shorter gap climb, then I’ll have one week to recover and should be OK.

This also assumes I get in one more 15 mile run and another 21 mile run, both in the hills.

The key to the race will be to survive the bike leg.  If I can start the run without falling on my face, then I think I’ll be OK.

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