Epic run? Well not quite.

At about this time last year I had one of my most epic training runs: 21 miles through snow (as much as 6 inches in places), slush, rain, and wind. It took me 3:16 to finish those 21 miles.

Today, same route, no snow, but tons of rain, wind, and this time, lightning.  Like last year, the temps were just above freezing.  I was thoroughly soaked by mile 3 and the lightning started shortly after mile 8 and never stopped, although it was also never particularly violent.  I really pushed it when out and the open and then dialed it back when in more protected areas.

This route is tailor made for training for American Zofingen.  The hills are constant and there’s about 1400 feet of total climbing.  The biggest climb is the one up Mt. Philo.  This one climbs about 600 feet in just a hair over a mile.  My pace slowed to 12:28 for that mile.

This time, the run took me 2:51, for an average pace of 8:15.  Still need to work on that bike endurance, though.

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