Baby Gap, App Gap and 20 mph Headwinds

There’s nothing like a good head wind to teach one to keep a good aero profile. Today, as I headed south towards Bristol and Baby Gap, I encountered progressively stiffening head winds. I expected that, but I was trying to save something for the climbs and without hammering, it was all I could do to maintain 16 mph.

Once I turned onto Baby Gap, I figured I’d be out of the wind, and I was: Baby Gap was kind to me.

After the sweet descent, I discovered App Gap was going to be less kind: the wind was ripping down all the steep stretches, except for the critical last 500 meters, which was fortunately protected.

At times, with the wind hammering in my face and the steeps grinding up my legs, I wondered if I would make it. Getting out of the saddle was out of the question. Fortunately, I had my big cogset on my bike and I could take advantage of that big 27 tooth cog: something I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do.

Once up, I had the wind at my back coming down or occasionally blasting me from the side. Great!

I definitely got a good workout today. American Zofingen here I come.

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