Sockless, in the Asics Piranhas

I took the Asics Piranhas out for their first sockless run.  I thought I was getting some abrasion on my instep, but that turned out to not be an issue and I ran the whole 5.5 miles sockless.  Usually, it takes me a few runs to toughen up my feet to the point where I can go 10k without socks, but I could easily have stretched it a few more miles without any discomfort.

While I didn’t notice any discomfort I did, however, take a few layers of skin off of one of my toes, which I didn’t notice till I got in the shower.  That is something easily solved with a good dose of Body Glide.  Overall, these shoes are probably going to be my race day shoes, although the Mizuno Universe and Brooks T6 or T7 are close behind.

Today was a good day for training.  In addition to the 5.5 mile run this morning, I got in two hours on the bike, commuting to work and back.

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