15 miles, and maybe American Zofingen Long Course isn’t out of reach

After a good long run this morning I’m beginning to think that racing the long course at American Zofingen isn’t out of reach. I won’t have the endurance base I had last year, but I do have more speed. Of course, American Zofingen isn’t about speed; it’s mostly about surviving.

I’m not so concerned with the running. The 15 miles today (@ an average 7:52 pace) was tough, but I could have easily dialed back the effort and made it much more comfortable. And I still have time for another 4 or 5 long runs.

It’s getting to the run that worries me. Eighty-six miles on the American Zofingen bike course is enough to beat up anybody; it will destroy somebody who hasn’t built a solid foundation. With my longest ride so far this year being only about two hours, my foundation is pretty flimsy.

My goal for tomorrow is to make an attempt at App Gap. If I can get up, or even most of the way up, I may have a chance. That will give me the confidence to then layer on a few long rides. In any case, it’s going to be a short taper: one week max.

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