Review: Endomondo & Brooks T7 (and a 12 mile run with some pics)

After using Endomondo (for the Blackberry) for a week now, I find I can’t recommend it.  It’s biggest flaw is the lack of an auto-pause and auto-resume feature.  This might be less of an issue if you ran with your Blackberry in your hand or even in an arm strap, where you could get at the pause and resume buttons, but I find it convenient to put my Blackberry in my rear coat pocket.  Still even if I were to get an arm strap, I would expect Endomondo to know that I had stopped moving and pause the timer, or at least give me that option.

The other significant problem is the ease at which buttons get pushed.  Yes, I know you can lock the program while running, but what if I want to stop and take a picture?  I’ve got to pull my Blackberry out of my pocket, unlock it, pause it, and then I’m free to take pictures.  I found, however, that while I’ve got the thing unlocked, I’m accidentally pushing all kinds of buttons.  Today, I started out running, but according to my Blackberry, I ended up rowing!  At some point along the way I mush have switched my sport from running to rowing.

Then there is the accuracy issues: according to Endomondo, I ran 12.04 miles this morning; according to my Garmin, I ran 12.24 miles.  Two-tenths of a mile might not seem like much, but it does impact the pace.  My pace this morning averaged 7:48, but Endomondo says it was 7:55.  Part of that is due to the mileage difference, but the other part is due to Endomondo not stopping when I stopped.

Today I ran with the new Brooks T7 on my right foot and a new Brooks T6 on my left.  I found there to be very little difference between these two shoes.  If anything, the new T7 has a slightly more relaxed, less supportive fit.  It is slightly lighter (0.4 ounces lighter for a pair of size 11s) but not enough to make a difference.  Of course, there is the question of whether the T7 can be used sockless.  I’ll wait till the temps get somewhere north of 20° F before I take my socks off.

I did have a good run this morning, although my quads might disagree.  Here are some pictures from my run.  The first is a shot from my favorite 10 mile loop through Shelburne Farms, with ice over the road and the Inn in the background.  Shelburne FarmsPerhaps you can see why it is one if my favorite places to run.

This second is near the start of the Race Vermont Spring Fling 5 & 10K, which I just happened upon.  Race Vermont puts on some great races, so if you’re looking, check out their schedule.

Race VT Spring Fling

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