Soiled my new Brooks T7s!

I decided not to wait for clean roads before breaking out the Chrissie Wellington Edition Brooks T7s.  They were nice and clean before this run, but after 7.5 miles of snow, slush, and slop, they look well used.

The conditions weren’t the best for testing out a shoe, since I rarely made contact with the pavement, but I think the T7s have the same ride as the T6s.  This is a very good thing since the T6s are great.  They are responsive and fit my feet well.  The only difference is the upper, which, as I posted earlier, is offset.  They’ve reduced some weight from the upper, saving 1/4 ounce, which is nice.  As I mentioned before, I’ll have to see how they feel without socks, but I’m a month or two away from being able to do that.

I got in 7.5 miles today at a pace of 7:52, which isn’t bad given the footing.  Shortly after mile six, however, my left hamstring cramped up, bringing me to a stop.  I had this problem when running on the ice in Woodstock too.  Either my muscles aren’t relaxing when running on the slippery stuff, or not having any traction as I toe off is stressing my hamstring.  Either way, I need to be careful.

I was able to stretch it out, walk for a 1/4 mile, and then easily jog the last mile home without it cramping up again.

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