Running 8 miles with a Mizuno Wave Universe on the left foot, an Asics Piranha on the right.

I don’t know whether it is the satisfaction of performing well, some bio-chemical trigger, or the simple exhilaration of movement, but having a good run in the morning puts me in a good mood and gets me pumped up for the day.

And I had a great run today.  No, it wasn’t particularly fast or long, although 8 miles at ~ 7:40 is pretty good for me; it was just that I was moving well.  My form felt good, my feet light (more on that later), and energy level high.  But then I suppose that is what step-back weeks are supposed to accomplish.

When I ran this morning I wore a Mizuno Wave Universe 3 on my left foot and a Asics Piranha 3 on my right foot.  This wasn’t my plan; when I brought in my shoes from the garage last night, I didn’t notice.  So rather than put on one cold shoe, I decided to run in what I had.  The lift on both is similar.

The Asics provides much more support for the foot.  You can see this just by looking at the shoes.  The Universe isn’t much more than an upper sewn to the sole whereas sole of the Piranha wraps up around the foot and connects to the heel counter in a much more substantial way.

I noticed this while running: my left foot was working to provide support while my right foot was more relaxed.  That doesn’t mean that the Piranha is the better shoe but it helps explain why the Piranha feels more responsive.  My take-away from this is that I should do a substantial amount of training in the Wave Universes, but race in the Asics Piranha.

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