12 Miles, sub-zero temps, and eyelash icicles

I had another great run today.  I got up late, but it was still cold; my thermometer read 0°F.  I suspect it was a degree or two colder since my thermometer is slightly protected.  I am therefor calling this my first sub-zero run of the season, complete with icicles forming on my eyelashes and a layer of frost that scattered all over the floor when I took off my running shell.

I took a 10 mile loop that I usually stay off during the winter months, mostly because parts are not plowed and even those that are can be pretty slippery in places.  But when it is cold like this I find the snow provides plenty of traction.  It is easily my favorite 10 mile loop (it runs through Shelburne Farms) so that is where I headed.

The road runs along the lake for a little under a mile.  The lake is still (relatively) warm and with the air so cold, fog was rising off the water.  There was almost no wind to blow it away so I couldn’t see more than a few hundred yards from the shore.  The shoreline was piled up with pillars of ice where the waves crashed against the wall and threw spray up on the shore.  As I was enjoying all this, completely forgetting to watch the road, I suddenly realized I was sliding around on a few inches of ice.  Fortunately, I’m as agile as a cat (yeah, right), so I didn’t go down.

After exiting Shelburne Farms, I took a left (away from home) and added in another couple of hilly miles, making the whole run a 12+ miles, run at a 7:57 pace.  I ran in an old pair of Puma Complete Heras.  I’ve had these shoes for about 6 years and usually run well in them.  I find them just a little narrow for me (I have wide feet) which seems to give my feet more spring than do wider shoes that allow my feet to move around.

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  1. Today was 19 degrees in KC and I got my first eyelash icicles. The fact I was breathing through a balaclava sort of caused the effect I think but it was nice to get out even if I ran much slower than you do.

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