Soft Snowy Run

Well, my YTD average run pace drifted well above 8:00 today.  I ran for 8 miles as planned, but took a different route than planned, opting for the quiet roads of Shelburne Farms instead of Harbor and Bay roads, even though the latter were salted.

There was about an inch of beautiful, fluffy snow on the ground, which made the surface slippery and the going slow.  That, and concern about my right, medial quad kept the pace slow.

My quad ended up not being a problem.  I hammered it with some deep tissue massage yesterday, tilted my diet towards protein a bit more than planned, and applied some arnica gel before bedtime.  Not sure what did the trick, but although my quad is a bit tender from the massage, it felt fine while running.

This morning, I registered for the USAT National AG Championship in Burlington.  This is my A++ race for 2011.  Yahoo!

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