Winter is here: 8 miles in 15F

Forecasts for this morning put the temps in the low teens; tomorrow they are forecasting below zero temps.  Knowing that, I found myself thinking I would push off this morning’s run till tomorrow (yes you read that right) and spin this morning.  There is something that attracts me to running when it is really cold.  I find myself disappointed if the forecast is for -15F and it ends up only being -5.  Sick, I know.

I stuck to my schedule, though, and put in 8 miles at about 7:55 pace.  I was dressed just right, although my face was a little cold at the start, when I was running into the wind.

At one point, I saw one of the local cops patrolling along some of the parking areas along the lake, shining his spot light off into the fields and onto the ice.  That made me a little nervous; who was he looking for?  But he drove past me at one point and I figured if there was somebody dangerous out there he would have either warned me or asked me if I’d seen anybody.

I did pre-order a pair of the Chrissie Wellington Brooks T7 Special Edition shoes.  They are reasonably priced and a good chunk of receipts goes to the Blazeman Foundation for ALS.  If you like the Brooks T6, I think you should check these out.

Stay warm.

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