13 mile long run @ 7:37; Asics Gel Piranha SP 3

I am starting to like the Piranhas more than my Muzuno Universes.  They are both great shoes, but I find the Piranhas more responsive and lively.  I still need more time to tell, however.

I had a good run today.  The wind was hammering out of the northwest.  In one stretch I run along the lake near a wall.  The 3-4 foot waves were smashing against the stone wall and sending up a spray that would then get blow right at the road and me.  I got a little wet through that stretch.

My pace was pretty good and I never felt like I was really pushing it except up some of the hills.  7:37 is pretty fast for me at this time of year, especially considering the route I ran today was quite hilly.  Last year I was running at least 30 seconds slower for shorter and easier routes.

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