Recovery run, with Asics Piranha SP 3

I took out my new pair of Asics Piranha SP 3s today.  It was just one short recovery run, but first impressions are good.  These shoes have all the characteristics of other ultra-minimal running shoes (aka race flats): they are super light, flexible, responsive, and generally fun to run in.  I am a little concerned that the inner seams will prevent their use without socks, but the seams look well stitched and tight.

I did find my toes getting cold, which is unusual for me.  It is 40F out and raining, so my toes got wet.  I suppose I should have expected that.

Whether it was the shoes, weather, or I was just having a good day, who knows, but I had a good run.  I intended a 6 mile recovery run and that’s is what I did, only I kept having to tell myself to ease up.  I was running 7:30-7:45 without much effort.  Generally, I was getting in 7 – 8 steps per breath.

Tomorrow, I’m planning a 13 mile run, after which I’m volunteering at a local half marathon.

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